Every country, it is pretty much the same what you need to do within the first 4 to 6 months after your move but the way you do those can be quite different in regard of differences in each country and culture.


The expat spouse can be very busy doing all these things and may not be able to pay attention to contact with the community. And at times, even finding out how to do a small thing such as the availability of Hema to print photos and AH to photocopy might take a lot of time and energy.


DLE can support the newcomers with its services so that it does not become a very chaotic and stressful period after the move and the first settlement. Thus, the expat family can have time and energy to start establishing very important relations with their immediate circle.


Once, I was in your shoes. Today, I’m feeling content that I’ve become local enough having been faced many aspects of the Dutch way yet still fresh in knowing what it is to be new and unfamiliar… Now, I am very lucky surrounded by a strong personal network with both Turkish/ International friends and Dutch neighbours, friends, parents and contacts. 


Yet, every day is a new day and learning is an ongoing process… And you are not alone, not in the first week, not after eight months!