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How important is expat services?

Today, many international companies are providing expat services either by within their own departments or by outsourcing it. If given, the expat services are mostly within a similar framework to eachother, based on providing the initial appointments with Expat Center, IND and the city hall and arranging  a temporary accommodation. 

These are very valuable, necessary and helpful supports but they focus on the expat himself/herself. There is either no help or little to the trailing spouse. 


However, according to a global relocation trends survey (Brookfield, 2014) most international assignees are married and there is an increasing trend in these international assignments that the children are also accompanying. 

This same research shows that when asked to rank (in order of importance) the most common international assignment management challenges critical to companies, respondents indicated that the following are very critical issues:


·                               children’s education (42%)

·                               spouse/partner resistance (40%)

·                               family adjustment (38%)

·                               and location difficulties (22%)


These figures show us that an international assignment is not only in the context of the job itself. 


An international assignment, an offer of an expat position is a fascinating opportunity for both personal and professional development. There are many beauties of travelling aroud the world, living in different cultures, yet, moving, transition, integration might have a roller coaster effect on couples, families. Although the job opportunities, career developments are exciting and satisfactory, this life style has its own anxieties, concerns and difficulties. 


Dutch Life Expats supports the expat and/ or the expat family to have a good start and smooth transition so that the expat can fully able to concentrate on work at earliest convenience. 


It brings a know-how from the first-hand and becomes a bridge between the international company and the expat and between the expat and the Dutch community.